What in the World Am I Doing Here?

In my head, numbers fall in place. Tumble as they might, they land upright and where they belong. Letters, on the other hand, jumble and bumble and get all up mxde (smile). With great effort do I get them out of my head, and rarely get them out right. Communicating, whether written or verbal is […]

The Book Study Concordance of the Greek New Testament

Amazon Link The Book Study Concordance of the Greek New Testament was published in 2003 by Broadman & Holman publishers. It was the first book I published along with Andreas Kostenberger. Dr. Kostenberger was one of my professors and the chair of the Ph.D. department when I received my Ph.D.  Dr. Kostenberger approached me with […]

The “uper” Prosperity Message

I recently taught a devotion from Genesis 26 about Isaac. The chapter speaks about his prosperity, which I spoke about. At the end of the devotion, I was asked about the hundred-fold blessing of Isaac and how statements like that in the Old Testament (OT) relate to the New Testament (NT) believer’s relationship to Christ […]