May the Lord Answer Your Prayers

In Numbers 6:22-27, among the multitude of instruction that God gave Moses and the people of Israel, a famous blessing of the Jewish people appears:   24The Lord bless you And keep you 25the Lord make His face shine upon you and be gracious to you 26the Lord lift up His countenance upon you and … Continue reading May the Lord Answer Your Prayers

Cremation or Burial – The Christian Way

From time to time I am asked whether it is ok for someone to be cremated when they die. In our day, the cost of burial is often exorbitant, and many families choose cremation to offset some of the cost of burying.The Bible does not speak about cremation directly. In the Old Testament several verses … Continue reading Cremation or Burial – The Christian Way

Self-Defense to the Death

Introduction In the news recently, a Florida man, having been shoved to the ground, pulled out a gun and shot the person who shoved him, killing him. I do not condone violence, and the shoving shouldn’t have happened. Sometimes, however, situations escalate, and self-defense is necessary. Can a person, however, go too far in defending … Continue reading Self-Defense to the Death