Christina and I compressed

My name is Raymond Bouchoc, and I live in Charles Town, WV, with my wife and family. I have seven children with whom I love to hang out and play board games, card games, and sports. Inside, we have our own version of “hockey.” Thankfully, we don’t break things too often. Outside we play soccer – by far the number one game of the family,  football, badminton, and cornhole. I also love to read books. I manage over 50 per year.

The most important part of our lives, of course, centers around our service at church. I am the Pastor of Baker Heights Baptist Church in Martinsburg, WV. My wife, Christina, is the gear that makes everything turn. My children serve through music, Bible study, and as leaders in various church ministries.

I came to the church shortly after the church planter passed away, coming to Baker Heights to help keep it going until a new pastor could be found. One thing led to another, and I became the full time pastor. I have served at the church since 2000.

Along with pastoring, I have a burden for missions. I have taken a number of mission trips around the world for construction, evangelism, and teaching. My current ministry focus is in Zambia, where my church supports two national pastors.

I received a B.S. degree in Computer Science from Florida International university, an M.Div. degree with languages, and Ph.D. in biblical studies from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. In addition to pastoring Baker Heights, I do some teaching for Liberty University Online and Ambassador International University in Zambia.

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