The Book Study Concordance of the Greek New Testament

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The Book Study Concordance of the Greek New Testament was published in 2003 by Broadman & Holman publishers. It was the first book I published along with Andreas Kostenberger.

Dr. Kostenberger was one of my professors and the chair of the Ph.D. department when I received my Ph.D.  Dr. Kostenberger approached me with the idea for the book, because I had been working in the Bible software industry from almost nine years. Dr. Kostenberger has published many books and is the name behind this volume. If my name appeared by itself, it would not have been published to begin with, and if it had, only one copy would have been sold, mine (smile).

The book is a reference book. It is a Greek concordance of the New Testament. A concordance lists every verse that each word occurs in. This concordance is a little different in that it is a concordance for Greek words. Furthermore, the concordance is broken down for each book of the New Testament. So, you can turn to the gospel of Matthew, for example, and find a concordance of each Greek word for the gospel of Matthew, and so on, for the entire New Testament.

This book is not one you would want to purchase for a couple of reasons. First, you need to know the Greek of the New Testament. Second, bible programs currently do what this volume does. At the time it was published, bible software was still up and coming and could not provide the information in this book. That is not true anymore.

If you are curious, you can check out the link on Amazon. It sells for a whopping $168.89 used! I have no idea how that price was set or where it comes from. New, it sells for $414.67! What?!?!? That’s crazy. I am not sure how amazon works sometimes. When the book came out, the list price was somewhere between $30-$40. Again, you should not buy it for these prices.

At any rate, it was exciting for me to publish my first book back then.


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